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LutemaPhotoNYC-Award Winner

Hey! We creatives at LutemaPhotoNYC don't just take photos. We are digital artists and our book cover design for Caligula's Kitchen by James Terminiello won GDUSA's 2019 American Graphic Design Awards! I am so grateful to my friend Jim who had faith in my creative talents to allow me to design his first book cover. It is a whimsical cover of the Roman Emperor Caligula stewing in a cauldron, which is only a preview for the hilarious tale inside.

Overview of Book: "Rome in the 1st Century, C.E. stood astride the narrow world like a Colossus. Unfortunately, the guy in charge was nuttier than a whole warehouse of fruitcakes. And it's up to head chef Logos to get between Caligula and disaster."

The background textured image is our own "Grunge in Red" photo. For a super fun read, the book is available at Barnes and Noble, and Google Books. Oh and a sequel is coming soon...

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